PhD Student Positions Available (Updated January 2017)
The Martin group currently has 3-4 open PhD positions. The start date for these 4-year PhD placements will be between Fall 2017 and Spring 2018. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Dr. Martin by email with a copy of their CV and contact information for 3 references. 

Technician/Analyst (Updated January 2017)
We have an open position for a technician with an background in organic chemistry and the associated experimental techniques (NMR, MS, HPLC). The position is for a fixed 4-5 year term and will start in the second half of 2017. If you are interested please contact Dr. Martin by email for more information.

Student Research Placements (Continuous)
We routinely host bachelor and master students (from both the Netherlands and abroad) who wish to perform their thesis research projects in our group. If you are a student interested in our department for your thesis project feel free to contact Dr. Martin by email to inquire.